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  • The Mural is in its 25th year
    The Mural is in its 25th year

Reading Caribbean Express first year 2013 

Reading Caribbean Express started its pre-launch on December 10th 2013.  It turned out to be a memorable day for people all over the world regardless of colour, creed or faith. Nelson Mandela (Madiba) died on December 5, 2013, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Madiba's memorial service took place on the December 10th 2013.


Reading Caribbean Express started its introduction travels on December 10th 2013.  Our first visit took us to my home ground in West Reading.   Reading Caribbean Express continued with visits in December 2013/2014 to ;

  •  The: Oxford Road (West Reading),
  •  Town Centre (Reading),
  •  Whitley (South)
  •  Cemetery Junction

Reading Caribbean Express will continue in 2017.  The editor will continue to circulate, research and run online social sites.

During the most enjoyable visits it has proven that there is a need for a 'local Caribbean newspaper'. 

The Voice online Poll today asked;  Are British Caribbean's losing their cultural identity?   71% voted yes while 29% voted no.

Reading Caribbean Express says that history provides 'division as the old way'.    The Reading Caribbean Community' is a 'mix up' community, so unity has to be the new way.. 
Love and blessings
Yvonne (Editor)