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The Reading Caribbean Express Editor

Hello I’d like to welcome you to ‘Reading Caribbean Express’...

My name is Yvonne and I am the Editor of Reading Caribbean Express. I have two grown up sons and two adorable granddaughters. I have spent most of my childhood days happily playing, working and becoming by the ripe age of 11 a committee member along with others to oversee and create a playing area for young people and families living within its vicinity.  This was to be one of the first 'Adventure Playgrounds' formed in West Reading today it is known as 'The Beresford Road Playground'. 

As a result of the above, I prepared to start the pre-launch of Reading Caribbean Express on good old home ground. I felt after a visit to my local Church that ' it was far better to be doing something than to be nothing at all', there was a need in bringing Reading Caribbean people together, something that was enjoyed in my youth. 

I hope that you will enjoy Reading Caribbean Express's future editions and participate by emailing  your contributions in, hope to hear from you soon.

With kind regards bye for now.



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The Reading Caribbean Express Writers

Hi am Kester Charles I have lived and worked in Reading as a Youth Worker for over 4 years, been involved with a number of Charity's including the Princes Youth Business Trust, Local Councils in addition to being a Licensee. I have extensive knowledge in and out of Reading, with good contacts in the Festival world in addition to running my own Businesses. I was also Head of the Young Black Business Club called the Charles Deval Business Club and was invented to the House of Commons by the Trust and MP Diane Abbott.

I feel together with, the help of a few select forward thinking people, a rebirth of the Reading Community is possible. Furthermore, with the media contacts I have made during my 40 years within the Leisure and Entertainment business and moreover my contacts with well know Actors, Musicians and Youth Workers I subsequently hope to see an ‘encouraging of the younger generation’ within the Reading Community.

Bye for now 


Hi All,

My name is Mark James Wallace and I have been asked to write under the title "The Youth Today". I feel honoured to accept this role and see it as an opportunity to share experience and knowledge.  I have studied and gained an NVQ level 3, in advice and guidance based around equality and human rights.

I then went on to work for an organization called Oxford Equality and Human Rights Council for around a year before commencement of the degree course I am currently studying at Oxford Brookes University. Although I am qualified to give advice and guidance in equality, I am no longer working in this field due to the workload from the degree course I am studying in Business management/Media communication and Culture. I will return to this kind of work (maybe sooner than expected), more oriented around aftercare for prisoners, i,e, work to try and reduce the causes of the ‘revolving door syndrome’ that a lot people would not be going through if proper aftercare were provided before release.  For me it is not a black or white thing but within these problems black people are affected and I do not think it is wrong for anyone to have an interest in problems unique to their culture.

The way I would like to approach this role is based around an African saying which is “It takes a village to raise a child".  I would like to explore not just my opinions on what needs to be done to change the status quo of why there is a disproportionate level of black people in the criminal justice system and what can be done to remedy this and other issues affecting our community but also what you the reader think needs to be done. It is for this reason I will be setting up a Facebook page to explore other's opinions and views, which I will try to the best of my ability to incorporate into this article.

‘ I see it as my duty to at least try and use my experience to help, even if it has the result of only steering one youth away from a judiciary system I would feel that I have achieved something’. After all this is a system that has admitted being institutionally racist, which makes It easy for us to get in trouble, hard to get out and harder to stay out. 


My first article due in February will look at the statistics for stop and search regarding black and ethnic minorities and what can be done to avoid negative consequences, when stopped. I look forward to interacting with anybody who has an interest in helping our youth to be the stars that they are in their own individual right.

Thanks again and remember. Everybody makes mistakes but everybody can change because we are not leopards, hence the slogan.

1 Life 365 second chances a year, to get it right. 

Stay Blessed, 

Mark J Wallace.



Hi  My name is Tony Charles and I would like to call myself a creative writer and innovative thinker. This however I will leave down to you the reader. My role as a writer for RCE will be to get readers thinking, challenging the status-quo and growing to understand what we as a community are capable of, the direction we are subliminally given by society and what I think are positive steps in creating a strong mind-set that will allow us to regain the community togetherness we once had and grow physically and mentally stronger.

My editorials may be controversial, will be thoughtful and guaranteed to open your mind. I will try to give the readers thoughtful choices mental stepping stones to question 'the process,' life and the decisions and paths taken in it. Many of us live in fear, not necessarily of danger but of the other obstacles that stop us from being, from existing individually then thoughtfully progressing collectively. Society has taken our strength, culture, physique, and even our street trade, wishy-washing some of us into giggling vacant containers fun-pokers still living under the 'I'm keeping It Real' mentality focusing on the material here and now, planning for today - the day after tomorrow (the world has changed). I only hope that my writing opens minds, creates new direction and inspires a few, a couple person into understanding how to become, and it will have been a success.

'Read Between The Lines’ - The Editorial.

Tony Charles